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Mitigating Django migration conflicts

Daniel Lacko 2021-10-06 14 minutes

Django migration conflicts are common when developing a Django application. In this blog, we will leverage AWS Lambda, Bitbucket webhooks, and CircleCI workflows to prevent the introduction of Django migration conflict to the dev/main branch.

Setting up Django project with Poetry and Docker

Lukáš Vinclav 2021-08-13 20 minutes

Starting a new project is always exciting because something new and fresh is starting but to maintain this motivation in the long term future, proper tooling has to be set up. The right selection of tools will help developers successfully react to new challenges in software developer life and keep the codebase in proper shape.

Generate TypeScript types from Django REST framework serializers

Lukáš Letovanec 2021-07-12 15 minutes

The following article introduces our Django package that is useful for improving the development experience when working with Django REST framework and frontend application which is using TypeScript. Continue reading and learn more about it.

AWS Athena Analytics Tool

Daniel Lacko 2021-07-12 10 minutes

Whenever you are generating a lot of data, a natural question comes up. How to process the data? Do you need to set up a whole infrastructure to create a new full-fledged database? Perhaps, you do not need to actively work with the data, you just need to occasionally access them and get the necessary information. AWS Athena provides a solution for the latter case.

Prevent forgotten migrations in Django projects with pre-commit hook

Lukáš Letovanec 2021-05-20 10 minutes

Check migrations created.................................................Failed - hook id: check-migrations-created - exit code: 1 Migrations were not created!

In this post, we will talk about a simple but useful pre-commit hook for Django projects. The purpose of the mentioned hook is to prevent committing changes to the git repository after modifying some Django model without creating an appropriate migration.

Django centralised logging using Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana (ELK) + Filebeat

Peter Marcely 2021-05-15 30 minutes

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to push application logs from our Django application to Elasticsearch storage and have the ability to display it in a readable way in Kibana web tool. The main aim of this article is to establish a connection between our Django server and ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash) using another tool provided by Elastic - Filebeat. We will also briefly cover all preceding steps, such as the reasoning behind logging, configuring logging in Django and installing ELK stack.

Comparison of Pip, Pipenv and Poetry dependency management tools

Lukáš Vinclav 2021-05-08 15 minutes

When developing a Django application, there are several ways how to manage project dependencies. In this article, it will be explained which approaches can be used (pip, pipenv, poetry) to take care of dependencies. Of course, the article does not aim to explain all of them nor provide detailed instructions on how they can be used.